Peepal Tree Capital is looking for a business with some of the criteria outlined below. Of course, every business is different, and very few businesses display all of these traits. But they are helpful in guiding our search.

We’re always interested in businesses for sale that are represented by brokers or other intermediaries. We will pay industry standard finder’s fees in the event of a deal.


  • Annual revenues over $5 million
  • Annual earnings over $1 million
  • Cash flow positive for three years
  • Recurring revenue streams
  • Low cyclicality
  • Strong balance sheet


  • Strong middle management
  • Concentrated ownership
  • Motivated sellers
  • Low ongoing capital expenditure needs
  • Diverse and expanding customer base


  • Large, fragmented market
  • Growing industry
  • Low risk of adverse regulatory changes
  • No impending technological obsolescence
  • Services or light manufacturing


  • Located in the United States

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