Why Us ?

Peepal Tree Capital is not your typical buyout fund or strategic acquirer.
We’re looking for a single business and will devote all of our effort to its long-term success.

We differ in some of the following ways: 


  Peepal Tree Capital   Private Equity Funds   Competitors
YOUR COMPANY 100% of our effort and attention One piece of a large portfolio One piece of a larger whole
  DAY JOB Growing your business after the sale Finding another deal and exiting from past acquisitions Steering the mothership
SOURCE OF CAPITAL Successful entrepreneurs, executives and investors Institutions, endowments, pension funds Public and/or private investors, cash flow
  GOALS   Grow top line, improve operations, don’t fix what isn’t broken Cut costs, add leverage, flip company Absorb your operations
  TIME HORIZON   Long-term 3-5 years Varies, based on the parent company’s goal

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